Post Frame Tips, Tricks & FAQs

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hmtoggle_plus1How can I change the height of the Post Frame?


Only the height of the walls can be modified. While in the Plan view, click on the “Modify” button.  A sub-menu of garage settings that can be modified will display. Select the sub-menu item “Walls”, and adjust the wall height as necessary.



hmtoggle_plus1How can I add or remove a window or door in the Post Frame design?

To add a door or window, while in the Plan view, click on the "Add" button.


A sub-menu with the options of “Window” and “Door” will display.   Select either Window or Door to display an alphabetical list of selectable windows and doors; select the appropriate choice.


Place the door or window in the design



To remove a window or door, while in the Plan View, select the “Remove” button.


A sub-menu will display either “Door”, “Window” or both, depending on what has been added to the Post Frame.


Click on the appropriate door or window to be removed from the design.


Note: Holding the Control key (Ctrl) while clicking will allow multiple windows or doors to be deleted..



hmtoggle_plus1When I review my design in the 3D view I am not able to see the Fascia what can I do?


Currently the application will not show fascia in the 3D view. .



hmtoggle_plus1How can I change the material of the window or check what type of window materials are offered?


Once a window has been added to a design, its material can only be changed by removing the existing window and adding a new one with the appropriate material. The “Add” option can be used to display different window material options.


hmtoggle_plus1The default stud size for wall parameters is currently set at 2x4, and I would like set this at 2x6. Can you explain how to make this the default?


Go to the Wall Parameters dialog box and change the Stud Size by clicking on the drop down list.  To get to the Wall Parameters dialog box click on the Modify drop down and select Walls.



hmtoggle_plus1When I create a design with 8’ tall walls the application seems to be selecting 10' tall studs for the design, how do I make certain I am only using 8’ boards?


Select Construction Preferences, then select Stud/Win-Dr Framing and change the Species/Treatment/Grade combination. This will allow you to select a board with the required length..



hmtoggle_plus1Can the ceiling joists use Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)?


The system does not allow LVL beams to be used because the engineering properties are different..



hmtoggle_plus1The application is not letting me select a stick built roof. The application is defaulting to trusses and not letting me change that option, what can I do?


Select the "Modify" drop down and then select "Rafters". Based on the size of the design, the application still may change it back to trusses if default store does not have long enough lumber to build a rafter style roof. You can also go to the "Modify" drop down, click on "Roof" and click on the "Yes" radio button for allow 2 piece joists. Then you will need to click on the "Modify" drop down and select "Rafters".