Modifying and Removing Holes, Notches and Angles

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C-RedButton Moving or Resizing Holes


To move or re-size a hole, drag the grip points for the hole. C-Diamond-Grip C-Right-Grip      



C-RedButton Modifying Angles


To move or re-size the angled corner, drag the grip point.





C-RedButton Moving a Bay Notch


To move the bay notch, click and drag the grip point to the new location. C-Diamond-Grip



C-RedButton Moving a Corner Notch


To move a notch, drag one of its grip points to the new location.C-Right-Grip



C-RedButton Removing Cuts


There are two methods used for removing cuts from your deck design.


1.If you are removing a hole or bay notch, click Remove in the Home ribbon, then choose the cut to be removed by choosing the option from the menu.
2.If you are removing an angle cut or corner notch, use the grip point to drag the corner to the original location. C-Right-Grip