Modify Material Options

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Material Options


This option allows you to change the materials that are bid in the garage structure, using the Material Options dialog.  This dialog lets you remove options that are automatically selected for you.  It also lets you switch between different brands of materials.


There are two parts to the Material Options dialog:


Select Bid Item:  This portion of the dialog shows what items have options available for editing.  The available options will be dependent on your design.
Select Material Options:  This portion of the dialog shows the options that are available for the bid item.  Green text indicates that the material will be used.  More specifically, options in green text with the check-box selected are being used, and will appear on the bill of materials.  Red text indicates that the material is not being used in the current design.  Despite the fact that options in red text aren't used, their check-boxes are still selected to indicate that if the design changes and they are needed, they are bid by default.




After all desired values have been entered, click the OK button.



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Items appearing in Red are products that are NOT available but are required for the design, these items will not bid, i.e. will not be seen on the Bill of Material even if selected.
Items appearing in Green are products that are available and required for the design and will bid.
Items identified with a Circle (¡) indicate that there are multiple items available in a group of materials.
Items identified with a Box (o) indicate that there is only one item in a group.