The default workspace layout for Big Hammer Fence Design consists of the following main areas:

  • Top:  Contains the Mini-toolbar, Design Button and Ribbon Menus, which are used to access design tools and options.
    • Mini-toolbar:  Provides access to Save (Ctrl + S), Undo (Ctrl + Z) and Redo (Ctrl + Y) functions.
    • Design Button:  Provides access to commands for saving, printing and managing fence design projects.
      • New:  Starts a new design session.
      • Open:  Opens an existing design.
      • Save:  Saves the current design.
      • Save As:  Saves the current design with a different filename.
      • File:  Displays the File menu, which provides options for file management.
      • Print:  Displays the Print menu, which provides options for printing and previewing your design.
      • Close:  Starts a new design session.




NOTE:  Options available through the Design button vary depending on the software configuration.


    • Ribbon Menus:  The ribbon menus provide shortcuts to common tasks performed while creating a project.  The content of the ribbon menus will change depending on the active view, as well as the design elements that are currently in use within the project.  Button names and basic information about functionality for a button can be displayed by placing the mouse pointer over the button.




NOTE:  Options available through the Ribbon Menus vary depending on the software configuration.


  • Workspace Panes:  Up to four (4) workspace panes can be displayed, providing different views of the design while it is being created.  The workspace is set up using the Views ribbon menu.


  • Status Bar:  The status bar at the bottom of the window displays information regarding the status of the program as well as information for the active workspace pane.