Drawing Walls

If you have an existing structure joined to your deck, for example, a garage, you can add walls to represent this structure first and then join the deck to it. Alternately, you can add a wall after designing the deck shape.

Adding a wall to the deck design adds a ledger board to the bill of materials and removes posts along the attached deck edges (visible in 3D view). After you add a wall, you can edit its materials as well as add windows and doors. 

Add a Wall before a deck

  1. Click Add in the Home ribbon.
  2. Choose Freeform Wall from the menu.
  3. Select the wall construction points in the design grid (see arrows).
  4. Add a deck to the freeform wall using the Freeform Deck command.

Add a Wall after a deck

  1. Click Add in the Home ribbon.
  2. Choose Wall from the menu.
  3. Place the mouse pointer along the deck edge that attaches to the wall, and click the left mouse button.
  4. Repeat these steps to add additional walls.

 NOTE: You can increase or decrease the length of the wall by dragging a wall grip point (represented by  ).