Deck Tips, Tricks & FAQs

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hmtoggle_plus1How do you change the height of a deck?


While in “Plan View,” click on “Modify.”

Select “Deck.”

Select the “Height” tab on the “Deck Properties” box that pops up.

Enter the new height you’d like in the “Height of the Deck” Box in the center.


Double-click on your deck design

The “Deck Properties” box pops up

Select the “Height” tab on the “Deck Properties” box that pops up.

Enter the new height you’d like in the “Height of the Deck” Box in the center.



hmtoggle_plus1How do you enlarge or reduce the size of deck?


Click on the blue arrow C-Right-Grip on the side of the deck you wish to enlarge or reduce.

Holding the mouse down drag the deck edge to desired location



hmtoggle_plus1Can I see the different layers on a design?


Every component of the design you create can be viewed individually. So, if you’d like to look at just the deck, or just the railing, you can.

1.Select the “3D View” tab.
2.Click the "Layer" button.
3.Add or remove elements of the design to the visualization from the deck, to stairs and railing.




hmtoggle_plus1When I attempt to modify the steps I do not seem to have the ability to modify stringer options, what can I do?


For Precut Stringers, select precut stringers and the application will choose between the 3, 4 or 5 step stringer based on the height of your deck. If you increase the height of the deck, the 5 step stringer will bid. If you decrease the height of the deck, the 3 or 4 step stringer will bid.



hmtoggle_plus1When designing a deck, I do not seem to have the ability include a Sono tube (cardboard box used to hold cement) what can I do?


Sono Tubes are only meant to be bid for certain types of footings. Select the modify drop down menu or double click on the deck. Now select the Footing tab. Selecting either “Pier In-Ground Footing” or “pier Block & In-Ground Footing” will add Sono (Builder) tubes to the design.



hmtoggle_plus1When designing a deck with stairs at what point does the OdP Design application automatically add a landing?


The application will automatically add a landing to the stairs when the deck reaches a height of 104" or greater.


hmtoggle_plus1I am unable to join stairs from upper deck to main deck when the upper deck and a main deck that is 4 feet apart, what can I do?


This is the normal functioning of the application, but there are steps you can take to complete this task. First increase the size of the deck, then add the stairs, then decrease the size of the deck again.



hmtoggle_plus1I cannot seem to change unit rise on stairs in a deck design. The option to change the rise or run for the stairs is greyed out, what can I do?


The Unit Rise and Unit Run are non-modifiable, as the deck height determines Unit Run.



hmtoggle_plus1The application seems to be incorrectly splitting a beam when I attempt to add a notch with stairs, why does this happen?


The application is working as intended. The beam is being split in this instance because of the addition of the notch. You do have the ability to adjust the joist overhang; however, the joist overhang that is selected is uniform and continuous.



hmtoggle_plus1Why is the system bidding 6x6 posts when I selected 4x4 Posts for the deck design?

This can happen for a couple of reasons. One reason could be that the 4x4 posts (species / treatment / grade) selected are not available for a particular store so the system automatically selects what can be bid and what is structurally acceptable for this particular design. A second reason could be that although 4x4 posts were selected due to the height of the deck and the "slenderness factor" of the deck the application automatically adjusts the design to utilize posts to be more structurally sound for this design.


hmtoggle_plus1Why is the application automatically placing posts at specific distances which cannot be moved?


The application does not allow for moving posts. Moving Posts from where they are placed by the application could affect the structural integrity of the design creating a liability issue. The application prevents the user from performing this function.



hmtoggle_plus1When does the application automatically add a landing to stairs?


A landing will automatically be added to stairs once the deck height reaches 104”.



hmtoggle_plus1Can I see a joist layout view of a deck design?


Yes, however dimensions are not displayed on the joist layout view. Only the beams and joist overhang are displayed.


hmtoggle_plus1The application automatically places posts in the deck design separated at specific distances. Why can't these posts be moved?


Allowing changes to where posts are placed could affect the structural integrity of the design.



hmtoggle_plus1Why does the application automatically place a beam at 8’ parallel to the house?


The application automatically adds the beam to handle load.



hmtoggle_plus1How does the application calculate the amount of concrete bid?


This is done based on the deck parameters and National Building standards.