Adding a Fence

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To add a fence to the project:


1.Click the Add button in the Home Ribbon.
2.Choose Fence from the menu, which will display the Fence Properties dialog.


Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge


3.Scroll through the list of fence styles on the right-hand side of the dialog to find your desired fence style.  Click once on the name to view images of the selected design in the two panes on the left-hand side of the dialog.
4.Once the desired style is chosen, click OK to return to Plan View.
5.Place the mouse pointer at the desired starting point and click the grid once with the left mouse button.
6.Move the mouse pointer to draw a fence section, until the desired length is reached.  The fence section will be represented by a line, and the length of the fence section will be displayed as a tool tip alongside the line.
7.When the desired length is reached, there are two options for continuing to draw the fence:
a.Click the left mouse button once to complete the fence section, OR
b.Press and hold the Shift key while clicking the left mouse button once to draw another fence section.  Repeat this step for any additional fence sections.
c.If option (a) is chosen, it will be necessary to repeat steps 1 through 5 above to add other fence sections.


Note: Once a Material has been selected any new Fence section that is added will use the same material until it is changed. To change the material, prior to adding a new section go to the "Settings" option on the Ribbon Menu and select Fence.