Adding a Door

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To add a Door to the project:


1.Click the Add button in the Home Ribbon.
2.Select Door
3.Choose the desired size and style from the list on the right-hand side of the dialog.  As an item is chosen in the list, images will be displayed in the left-hand side of the dialog (if available).
4.Select OK


Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge



5.Move the cursor to the desired location for the Door and press the left mouse button once to place the Door.  The Door will be represented by a dark grey line on the wall.  To place an additional Door of a different size/style/type, use the Door option from the Settings menu in the Home Ribbon to choose the desired door prior to placing the additional Door.





6.To select specific Door materials, select the Options button.
7.Here you can select Door James, Garage openers, Screws, Nails and other Materials


Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge


C-Dont-Sign   Indicates an area where the Door is not allowed to be placed.