Add & Modify Soffit Material

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To add or change Soffit material:


1.Click Modify in the Home Ribbon.
2.Choose Soffit Material from the menu. The Soffit Selection dialog will be displayed.
3.Scroll through the list of materials in the right-hand pane of the dialog. As a material is chosen, images for the material will be displayed in the left-hand panes of the dialog.
4.Click OK when the desired material is chosen.
Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge





Items appearing in Red are products that are NOT available but are required for the design, these items will not bid, i.e. will not be seen on the Bill of Material even if selected.
Items appearing in Green are products that are available and required for the design and will bid.
Items identified with a Circle (¡) indicate that there are multiple items available in a group of materials.
Items identified with a Box (o) indicate that there is only one item in a group.